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  • Endurance Wear EWS LLP was founded in 2017 is a technology-driven solutions company. We have services like Tungsten carbide coating, Down hole coatings, Coating on pump impeller, Hydraulic rod coating, Inconel coatings, Coating in cold rolling mill, Hard chrome coating, Coating on pump sleeve, HVOF coating, Thermal spray coating and many more types of coating. We areĀ  helping industry to extend the service life of machine and equipment components that are exposed to industrial wear problems such as adhesive, abrasive, corrosion & oxidation, surface fatigue, fretting & erosion wear and different types of wear by using advanced thermal spray equipment. For more information visit us at
    January 27
  • sytop alloy Stellite Alloy 3 and Stellite 12 Manufacturer -
    January 14